Maxim communications ICs support a wide range of applications, and support multiple communications technologies including wired, powerline, optical, and RF. Our high-integration and high-performance RF solutions address critical wireless and radio functions within the telecom, cable, and automotive markets.

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Communications Development Boards

SHA-256 Secure Authentication Design

MAXREFDES34 (Alcatraz)

This design implements SHA-256 authentication function using the 1-Wire protocol.

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Power Amplifier Biasing through MAX11300 PIXI IC


This design uses a MAX11300 programmable mixed-signal I/O (PIXI™), to bias and monitor a power amplifier for an RF base station.

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3.3V and 5V PoE Powered Device

MAXREFDES31 (Pasadena)

This design is an IEEE 802.3af/at compliant. Powered Device (PD). In addition to regulating power received over Ethernet, device can also be powered from a wall adapter.

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Multiband Universal GNSS Receiver

  • Multi-Constellation Support
  • Multiband Support
  • Programmable IF Bandwidths of 2.5MHz, 4.2MHz, 8.7MHz, 16.4MHz, 23.4MHz, 36MHz

16-Bit, 5.9Gsps Wideband Interpolating and Modulating RF DAC with JESD204B Interface

  • Simplifies RF Design and Enables New Communication Architectures
  • Direct RF Synthesis of 1.2GHz Bandwidth
  • Highly Flexible and Configurable

DOCSIS 3.0 Upstream Amplifier

  • +5V Supply Voltage
  • Ultra-Low 25mW Dissipation in Transmit-Disable Mode
  • 63dB Gain-Control Range in 1dB Steps