Automotive LED Lighting

New concepts in automotive lighting utilize LED driver technology to provide long-lasting, low-power, high-efficiency lighting while meeting higher demands for road safety and improved driver experience. LEDs provide significant advantages over traditional technologies for most automotive lighting applications, including matrix and pixel lighting. LED drivers play an important part in preserving and enhancing the inherent LED qualities of clarity, speed, and efficiency. We offer a wide range of LED drivers and controllers to reliably power LEDs in automotive lighting applications.

Featured Products

Synchronous Buck and Buck-Boost LED Drivers/DC-DC Converters


Automotive-grade LED drivers with integrated MOSFETs and internal current sense drive up to 3A LED.

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Synchronous 5V to 60V, 4-Switch Buck-Boost LED Driver Controller


Provides seamless transition between buck, buck-boost, and boost modes to drive wide range of LEDs with up to 95% efficiency.

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Automotive High-Voltage, HB LED Controllers


5V to 36V VIN, up to+65V boost output, support multiple configurations for front-end lighting and other LED applications.

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Front Lighting

Automotive front lighting applications include Adaptive Front-Lighting Systems (AFS), headlights, and daytime running lights (DRL). Our LED driver ICs for automotive applications offer features such as flexible configurations, fault tolerance, and EMI reduction circuitry.

AEC-Q100 LED Drivers, Front Lighting Applications
AEC-Q100 Boost Controllers, Front Lighting Applications

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting applications include cabin lighting, dashboard lighting, display backlighting, heads-up-displays (HUDs), and driver monitoring systems (DMS) that drive infrared (IR) LEDs. Our LED drivers offer wide dimming ratios, high peak current range, and system integration.

AEC-Q100 LED Drivers, Interior Applications (Interior Lighting, Display Backlighting)

Rear and Other Exterior Lighting

Rear lights and other exterior light applications include tail lights, turn-signal lights, feature lights, and rear combination lights (RCL). Our LED drivers provide a compact solution for these systems.

AEC-Q100 LED Drivers, Rear, and Low-Power Exterior Applications